CUDA in Xen dom0

Hi all,
I managed to run nvidia driver (195.36.15) on Xen 4.0 dom0 kernel by exporting init_mm symbol, however every CUDA or OpenCL (beside device query) program fails with driver API error = 999.
I tracked it with ltrace, looks that cuCtxCreate returns 999.
Glxgears works, 10kFPS on GTX280, no complaints from nvidia kernel module in kernel log.
My kernel version :
CUDA : 3.0
Anybody here managed to ran CUDA program on such kernel ?

Maybe somebody in Nvidia would get interested in making those drivers dom0 compatible ? Xen 4.0 provide GPU pass-through which simplifies life of a GPGPU developer having fully virtualized windows OS with access to real nvidia gpu, no need of dual boot. Making it compatible with dom0 kernel exempt from having HVM domU Linux for GPGPU development.

I launched Alien Arena, it worked flawlessly on highest settings with shaders.


Could you please explain more precisely how you managed to get nvidia drivers working under dom0 ? “exporting init_mm symbol” hardly means anything for me External Image .

Hum, if your kernel is 2.6.32 i imagine you use pv_ops_dom0 ?