CUDA install referencing wrong version (9.0.252 vs 9.0.225)??

My DriveInstall is failing this week (4/23/18) after trying on a freshly downloaded installer.

The install of host cuda 9.0 is failing.

It seems to download 9.0.225, but the intall script is calling out 9.0.252:

Last week log file:
Get:2 file:/var/cuda-repo-9-0-local cuda-misc-headers-9-0 9.0.225-1 [687 kB]

this week log file ERROR:
Get:2 file:/var/cuda-repo-9-0-local cuda-misc-headers-9-0 9.0.252-1 [688 kB]
Err:2 file:/var/cuda-repo-9-0-local cuda-misc-headers-9-0 9.0.252-1
File not found - /var/cuda-repo-9-0-local/./cuda-misc-headers-9-0_9.0.252-1_amd64.deb (2: No such file or directory)

The 9.0.225 files are in the /var/cuda-repo-9-0-local folder.

Anything that can cause this? I’m on Ubuntu 16.04 machine (that is also used to update TX1/TX2 boards).

I’ve attached the cuda host install log showing setting up 9.0.225 but trying to install 9.0.252.
cuda_host_9.0.log (39.4 KB)

Dear stevekuznicki,
Can you confirm if you are using the latest pdk (Drive 5.0.5b)?

Yes I am using the latest - downloaded today as stated.
I also noticed that the latest JetPack installed CUDA 9.0.252 on my TX1. I’m trying to use the same Ubuntu machine for updating my DrivePX2. Could this somehow be trying to install 252 instead of the 225 that the pulls down?

Dear stevekuznicki,
Can you please check if removing existing CUDA from host fixes the issue.

Removing cuda from Host does not fix this issue.
The installer still wants to install 9.0.252 even though it is not there.
I’ll reboot, delete all cuda folders, then reinstall from scratch.

did you fix the problem ? I have the similar problem, after flashing jetson tx2, when i install cuda9 debian package, the version mismatch problem also occurs.

I faced this exact same issue cos I did the same thing and did a quick hack to fix it…like literally quick.

Run the drive install for cuda 9 installation, wait until the prompt says it has removed cuda completely, then quickly run a sudo dpkg -i on the latest cuda 9.0.252 from the jetson sdk install before the sudo apt-get update completes.

Then it would have installed the right cuda. For some reason, updating the right cuda 9 deb does not fix the apt-get system’s search for the right cuda current existing in your local repo. It keeps pointing back to 252. I’ve tried every method before doing this.

Hope this helps.