Cuda installation on host machine (Ubuntu 18.04)

I am trying to install cuda 10.2 on my host machine (Ubuntu 18.04) but got dependencies problems.
Now when I try to purge cuda and start over I get this :

I get the same errors when trying to remove nvidia drivers so I can install them again

Hello, and welcome to the CUDA-GDB forum. This forum is dedicated to discussions related to debugging with CUDA-GDB. For installation questions, you may have better luck in the CUDA Setup and Installation - NVIDIA Developer Forums forum.

You should note that CUDA 10.2 is relatively old. The most recent version of CUDA is 11.4 Update 1, and is available for download at CUDA Toolkit 11.4 Update 1 Downloads. If you do not have a dependency on CUDA 10.2, I recommending using the most recent version, as technical support for that version will be much easier to get.

Best of luck.