CUDA installation on Windows 7 64 bit

I’m new to CUDA. I installed Visual C++ 2010 Express, then installed CUDA 5.0. I can run the binary 5.0 samples, and can compile the provided 5.0 sample solutions. When I try to compile any of the examples in “CUDA by example” I get a link error.

For example:

nvcc -m32 chapter03\
LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘a.exe’

Any thoughts?


I do not exactly know what’s going on there but if you haven’t run the command prompt as administrator try it again in this manner.
run command prompt as administrator and check it again.

That worked, thanks. If I open the VS command window as administrator everything’s fine. Does that mean I did something wrong in the installation, or do folks normally have to run this as administrator?

Thanks once again.

It seems that the “CUDA by example” example files and folders were write protected. When I gave myself write permission everything worked fine.