Cuda installation Win8.1 Dual Graphic Card (Intel HD4000 + GeForce 735M)


I’m trying to install Cuda5.5 on my new Laptop which is equipped with two graphic cards and Optimus.
Is it possible to use the Intel HD4000 for the Graphics and the GeForce for Cuda programming?

I installed the Cuda 5.5 and it configures the visual studio 2012 successfully. If I now try to run a Program I get the message, that there are no Cuda capable graphic cards.
If I run the deviceQuery in the example folder I get Error 35 or 38 depending on the drivers I try.
If I install the newest Nvidia driver my Win8.1 crashes.

So is it possible to get Cuda running on Win8.1 with two Graphic cards and what do I have to do?
Is my problem this Optimus stuff or that I’m using Win8.1?
I would install Ubuntu or Win7 also, but before doing it, I want to be sure, that it will work.

Kind regards and thanks a lot for every hint in advance

I’m curious, what laptop do you have? Is it a Sony Vaio Fit, or something different?

You need to configure the NVIDIA Control Panel’s ‘Preferred Graphics processor’ to be your GT735m instead of your integrated video. The examples should run fine after that.

I’m running Windows 8.1 on a Toshiba P50 Haswell GT740 GK208 Optimus laptop with the 327.23 drivers with no issues, perhaps try a clean re-installation of the NVIDIA drivers and/or of Windows 8.1 itself to see if the problem is resolved.