CUDA Intellisense problems for Visual Studio 2013

Hello, I’m a beginner using CUDA for a project. First of all, I’m using visual studio 2013 and CUDA toolkit 7.0 with Nsight 5.0. I’m trying to optimize the performance of a certain kernel, but it’s not recognized in the performance analysis.
These are the settings I have for the settings. I’ve tried placing the kernel name into the filter but that hasn’t helped much either.
I’ve noticed that Intellisense fails to recognize the syncthreads() and the third > in the source code.
I’ve googled for solutions to this but I could only find solutions for VS 2010. I’ve tried, but I can’t even locate a usertype.dat in my computer.
I’ve also tried running the sample cuda files and those work perfectly. It’s just this file that doesn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!