CUDA IPC support on TX2


Does TX2 support CUDA IPC?

I found two conflicting informations:

From CUDA 9.0 doc (support by TX2 in L4T R28.3):

The IPC API is only supported for 64-bit processes on Linux and for devices of compute capability 2.0 and higher.

From CUDA 10.1 doc (version 10.1.166 supported by TX2 in L4T R32.1):

Note: CUDA IPC calls are not supported on Tegra devices.

Jetson TX2 compute capability: 6.2 (from

So what is the true information ?



No. IPC doesn’t support Jetson platform.

The “Linux” environment mentioned in CUDA 9.0 document indicates desktop Linux rather than L4T(Linux4Tegra).
That’s why we add an specific information in CUDA 10 document.


Bad news !

Thanks for quick answer.