CUDA Laptop A discussion on Benefit-Cost Ratio.

I agree on all points except one, 9600M GT has only 4 Mps (NVIDIA_CUDA_Programming_Guide_2.2.1.pdf - Page 101)

My fears are to have a big gap in term of performance and a laptop on which your code is not optimized as you should do on a classic computer. And that’s problem exists because of Cuda Compute Compatibility which brings new features, more efficient, so your code with CCC 1.1 become in a certain way obsolete (even if differences are not really important)

These 4 MPs are equivalent to 32 “Cuda processors”, as marketing material will tell you. So the ALUs inside the MPs are now called CUDA Processors. Yay.

Yes it’s exact 4 Mps <=> 4 x 8 = 32 Cores or “Cuda processors” as you said but I forget the equivalence such I was impressed by “32 Mps” in a laptop ^_^