CUDA-LIB version 1.1 released!

CUDA-LIB (Version 1.1) is a utility which is a collection of three very useful bash scripts:

  1. cudaInstall: this is like a one-command install for all the required softwares for CUDA programming.

  2. solves the path dependency issue with the CUDA compiler.

  3. an automated project folder generator, so that the developers don’t have to spend time creating the basic project file organization hierarchy and instead can concentrate on the development process.

Since these are the bash scripts, one needs to use either a Linux environment or a Linux emulator (viz. cygwin).

Following alex’s suggestions in the thread I came to realize that the documentation provided by me was very poor in giving out the usefulness of this utility. :(

Hence I’ve written a detailed documentation on the installation and usage of this utility. I’ve attached the documentation along with this thread for your perusal, and also, have attached the utility. Please go through the documentation for more details. (You need a PDF viewer for this documentation) You can also find this document inside the zip file provided.


thanks a lot for your invaluable suggestions. :)

Once again, your suggestions are very much appreciated.

Thejaswi. N. S (
CUDA_LIB.pdf (132 KB) (137 KB)

i would have loved this for vista and vs2005 express / vs2008 express.

i was so frustrated i installed ubuntu 8.04 32bit and it went silky smooth.
i just renamed template to myproject and it was pretty much ok…

i did have to set a couple enviromental paths but it was a heck of alot easier then in vista.