CUDA libs and nvidia-modprobe trying to load the wrong driver (under Linux)

I’ve installed the latest nvidia drivers for Ubuntu Linux running with Bumblebee from the new Ubuntu PPA. It works just fine now with optirun.

The installed driver is called nvidia_352.

Now I’m trying to get CUDA working. I can modprobe manually nvidia_352 and nvidia_352_uvm and it works as expected. However, if I haven’t yet run modprobe manually, it tries to load the drivers named nvidia and nvidia_uvm and so it fails (as those drivers don’t exist).

This is similarly the case if I try to use nvidia-modprobe.

I suspect there is some underlying setting which is telling nvidia-modprobe to try to load the nvidia and nvidia_uvm drivers (instead of nvidia_352 and nvidia_352_uvm), but I don’t know what that is. Does anybody have a suggestion?

I guess a workaround is to explicitly load those drivers at boot, but they are currently blacklisted by bumblebee, so it’s neater to keep the drivers loaded and unloaded on demand, and also I’m not sure of the power implications of loading the driver all the time.

My apologies, I’ve posted this topic three times - that was a mistake and due to the forum timing out and my account being seemingly inaccessible.