CUDA & Linux Mandriva 2008

Hello. Excuse me for my english, I’m from russia. Can you tell me, which version of CUDA Toolkit for Linux i should download for Linux Mandriva. Thank you!

Mandriva is not supported as far as I know, so choose one that looks most like mandriva. Since mandriva is RPM based, I guess a package for redhat/fedora is your best bet. But I would check which version of gcc you have and then check which version of redhat/fedora has the same version.

Thank yoг for answer. But now, I have not yet Linux OS on my home PC, and I don’t know version of gcc. I have Windows Vista now. I think about distribution of Linux, which I would like to install. It will be or Linux Mandriva 2008 or Ubuntu. Can you advise me distribution.

Fedora Core 8 is not supported in 1.1 but working (and I believe it will be supported in the next version)
If you yet have to install one, pick one of the supported distributions to prevent problems.

OK, Thank you!!! I thint, that it will be Ubuntu :)

I would recommend installing Ubuntu 7.04 for use with CUDA. I tried installing Ubuntu 7.10, but it was nothing but trouble :P But CUDA runs great with Ubuntu 7.04, x86 build, and it’s fairly easy to get installed and working.