CUDA LLVM Compiler location on Mac OS X


I just installed the CUDA SDK on my computer and the documentation says there’s a CUDA LLVM compiler SDK, but I was having trouble finding its name or where in the directory it is put by default. Thanks in advance.

The LLVM based compiler is called [font=“Courier New”]cicc[/font] and is located in the [font=“Courier New”]nvvm/[/font] subdirectory. However there is no reason why you would need to know this, as [font=“Courier New”]cicc[/font] is automatically invoked by the [font=“Courier New”]nvcc[/font] compiler driver is compiling for compute capability 2.0 or higher.

If you want to compile using [font=“Courier New”]cicc[/font] for a compute capability 1.x device, you can provide the undocumented [font=“Courier New”]-nvvm[/font] to [font=“Courier New”]nvcc[/font]. Be aware though that use of undocumented features/flags like this one is entirely unsupported.