Cuda-memcheck on Linux 64-bit?

I’m having trouble with the 3.0 beta using cuda-memcheck on Linux 64-bit, Fedora Core 12. It seems only a 32-bit version was provided (I found another downloadable archive at…_linux64.tar.gz which doesn’t seem to help–it’s not in gz format, by the way, just .tar). I had some expected problems and had to “yum install” and “yum install”, and now cuda-memcheck runs…

[vputz@gyges test]$ cuda-memcheck

usage: cuda-memcheck [options] [your-program] [your-program-options]

…but is useless:

[vputz@gyges test]$ cuda-memcheck main


========= Error: Could not run main

========= Internal Error

Any suggestions? Has anyone been able to use cuda-memcheck on 64-bit Linux?


I haven’t tried the standalone version, but the same features should be available in cuda-gdb via

set cuda memcheck

I am not a fedora user, so I don’t know whether this is a distro specific thing or not.

You’re a champion, avidday. Unfortunately cuda-gdb is segfaulting whenever I specify a breakpoint, and results in odd behaviour sometimes, but this is at least a step.