CUDA Next Gen Debugger fails to start in VS2019 when working directory is specified as absolute path

Hi, I have a solution in Visual Studio 2019. I attached my project configuration files: (16.4 KB)
Cuda next gen debugger does not start in this configuration. Neither it gives any error/warning message as long as the binary exists. The legacy debugger can start. It is not compatible with the system and it displays a message about it - it behaves as expected.
Next gen debugger works correctly when I change the LocalDebuggerWorkingDirectory specification from absolute path to the relative path. In my case from C:/Users/jolanta/Desktop/Code/Markers/markers-high-range
to …/markers-high-range. I am sure it is the same folder.
I couldn’t reproduce the issue on any other project, but it is fully reproducible in this configuration.

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019 Version 16.10.4
NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2021.2.0.21147

System configuration: system-configuration.txt (43.3 KB)