CUDA not working any more (but it did!)

Hi, so …

I already had a working environment: Win 10, Visual Studio 2019 and CUDA 10.1. And the CUDA’s “hello world” example of summing two vector arrays worked totally fine just two days ago.
However, an update was released for Visual Studio and I was in fact stupid enough to actually go ahead and update it. Now CUDA no longer works. I can’t even compile the auto-generated example.

So I uninstalled everything, VS and CUDA. Installed again and nothing changed.

It keeps throwing this error:

Any ideas what can I do or how to repair this? Maybe there are some project/compiler configurations I am not aware of?

Which version of CUDA do you have installed? I ask because you say 10.1 but the errors are referencing 10.2. Did you install 10.2 when you reinstalled? Perhaps there’s something scrambled up related to that?

The working version was with 10.1. Then things stopped working, and I updated everything. So now, I have 10.2 installed.