CUDA & NSightParallel with an AMD Board

Hello everyone,
sorry if this is a repost. I tried to look for some answers with the search function but no helpful results.

I am going to build a new PC System with two GeForce Graphic boards ( for Example two GTX 460 ).

Purpose: Programming an application with CUDA and Debugging with NSight Parallel.

My Questions:
(1) Do I need an Intel processor or can I also use an AMD processor?
(2) Do i need two graphic boards to debug with NSight Parallel?

Thank you in forward!



Can´t you use 1 gxt 590 board instead of 2 460?
A 590 draws 360 watts, 2 460: 320 watts. And 1024 cores instead of 672

Just an idea :rolleyes:

@Lev: Thanks!

@Lars67: The problem is the price, I can get two gtx 460 for 400-500 € BOTH