CUDA on a laptop Which laptop works best with cuda?

I was reading some of the threads of running cuda on a laptop, I need to make a purchase within the next week. I’m definitely targetting a laptop with an 8000 series M card. I’m deciding between:

Apple Macbook (with XP)
Sony Vaio
Dell XPS
(15" models)

It sounds like with some .INF hacks you can install the cuda drivers, but have to sacrifice power management. Is this the only catch 22? Or are there laptops that have the 8400M but still will never work with cuda drivers?

I’ve been research this as bit and NVIDIA actually releases the CUDA toolkit (including driver) for MacOS - including MacBook pro.

Issue is there is no visual studio for MacOS, and no CUDA driver for macbook running vista as far as i can tell. So if your projects are set up in visual studio you’ll have to create new project files in macOS and use a different compiler/IDE. Not a huge deal I suppose.

Does anyone have experience with this? (developing CUDA under a MacBook Pro running MacOS, or even running vista).

I downloaded the MacOS CUDA SDK and the samples come with makefiles, so it probably can be compiled with the free compiler that comes with MacOS.

I use a Dell XPS 1530 running the CUDA instrumented driver with a modded INF file from

I use CUDA Toolkit 1.1

Oh yeah, on windows XP.

What do you mean by sacrificing power management ?

BTW, I have never run any CUDA programs while running on battery (tried once, and for my ray tracer gives me 5 fps, lol )


Since most manufacturers don’t roll out their own CUDA laptop video driver, you lose power management for the video card. The only cuda laptop driver I’m aware of is for the apples. But of course that’s not usable if you’re running vista or xp on your apple.