CUDA on a tegra "netbook"?

I was considering picking up one of these, and rooting it/installing something like Ubuntu:

The Tegra K1 contained within it is advertised as having 192 CUDA cores, and the laptop’s promotional materials mention this as well. Unfortunately I’m still sort of afraid it might be wishful thinking to want to use these CUDA cores, because all the cool laptop manufacturers are making sure to gimp their products before consumers get their hands on them these days, whether it’s by having only one port or depending on cloud applications or requiring a signed kernel or some other idiotic way of breaking functionality on a perfectly good motherboard. On the other hand it would be kind of cool, because since when was a $350 Annoying Google Buzzword at the forefront of laptop computing power?

So, would I be able to run CUDA on this laptop? Has anyone done something similar?

You will not be able to run CUDA under ChromeOS.
However, you can do a dual boot system and install Ubuntu.
I have a similar chrome book ( same specs but with only 2GB) with Ubuntu installed on an external SD card and at boot time I
can select the OS. Cuda works fine but the dual boot installation is not for the faint of heart.
Look for chrubuntu installation on the web ( not crouton, CUDA will not work under crouton).