CUDA on Alienware m17xr3 GTX 580m Driver issues

We are currently trying to set up a new Alienware m17xr3 with a single GTX 580m to run/develop CUDA apps but are having problems. With Windows 7 the latest NVIDIA development driver fails to install with a “no compatible hardware” error. The DELL driver installs fine but is ancient. The CUDA SDK examples don’t run (the DirectCompute and OpenCL examples work fine).

I was just wondering if anyone has been able to get one of these things to work yet. We’ve been developing our code on desktop GTX460’s, in XP and Ubuntu, but now need to be able to show it off on a laptop.

Any ideas?

I had the same issue with a lenovo t61 when it was working under XP (stopped seeing that under windows 7 interestingly). The problem with lenovo was that they changes the device ID of the card (not sure if it was something with a custom version of windows or something with the device).

Anyways, the solution was to uncompress the driver file with winrar. under Display.Driver, find the inf files with entries for you card (by name), and change the pci ID to match your card (you can check in in the hardware control panel, under driver details).

Let me know if you need more specific instructions