CUDA on an FX 5200 PCI (non-Express) in mulation mode

Hi folks,

I’m new here and have a general question.

I want to do some GPU programming as I think I could speed up my application significantly.
But I don’t know if everything will work so I plan to first buy a cheap FX 5200, test the stuff and if it works,
later buy an GTX260.
You know, I don’t want to spend 279 Euro (~400 Us $) for a card I can’t use at the end. :no:

Is it possible to program anything with CUDA on an FX 5200 PCI?

I already looked up in this forum, someone said you can do it in ‘emulation mode’.
Do you think the plan with the testing does make sense?

Thanks in advance, :)


PS: I have an old computer right here with AGP (1x) and some PCI slots, the card must be suitable
for this (I have a faster machine but it is currently under repair).

No, that card won’t help at all. CUDA will run natively only on G80 and later class cards.
There were some rare PCI G84 cards released… here’s one for $50USD.…N82E16814187041
But the more modern PCI-E version is only $30.

But not to worry! As you said yourself, you can experiment with CUDA even without a graphics card at all. The emulation mode does all the computes on the CPU, allowing you to get an idea if your program will run.

Ah, that helped me a lot :)

So emulation mode means it runs without nVidia card at all?
But then I cannot check out the speed gain (if any).

I’ll see if I can get a 8400 card or so for PCI.
Thanks for the link but I cannot order it as I’m here in Europe (Germany).

I’ll search the Internet and go to some shops to see if I can get this card
you showed me!



PS: sorry the word ‘emulation’ misses an ‘e’ in the subject, but my cheap junk-
keyboard here works a bit jumpy and I didn’t notice (although I checked the body
using a spell checker) ;)

If you contact Albatron, they’ll sell you one directly. They also make PCI 8600 GTs if you want something that’s more likely to beat a CPU.

Hi alex,

Ok I searched for ‘Albatron’ using Google and came to the Albatron homepage.
In the ‘FAQ’ section of the Albatron homepage I often found the question ‘where to buy?’.
The published answer from A. is always ‘click here: …’. The link leads to a combo box with a list
of countries. I chose ‘Germany’ (or ‘Deutschland’), but the shops I was shown
don’t have the card. Most of the listed shops (like I’ve searched before but
didn’t find anything :(

But thanks nevertheless!

Please continue reading here, I finally found one card I can use:



I’ve emailed Albatron directly to ask for distributors in the US, and they said they would sell me one direct. Don’t be shy about contacting them, they’re a small company.

Ok thanks. If I can’t order in the shop I found (see my other forum topic), I’ll ask Albatron.



Ok please tell me alex, how did you pay? Via international giro transfer? Did you use US $?

I actually didn’t end up buying it from them. Ask them if they use paypal?