CUDA on Android for Xiaomi MiPad

I have a Xiaomi MiPad tablet, Im able to deploy/debug apps on that using TADP with Visual Studio, but I wonder if it is possible to run CUDA code on that device? Im using Android 4.4.2 MIUI-4.7.11. TADP docs mention that CUDA can run on Android devkits that are flashed with android_k_ardbeg_os_image-19r16 , is Xiaomi MiPad supported by this os image? Also the docs state that only Linux host is supported, so there is no way to use Windows for CUDA development for now?

Mipad has builtin support of CUDA technology. You don’t need to flash the device.
The cross compiling toolchain is available on Linux only for now. If you want to develop cuda app for Mipad, you must have a linux host. But for your information, Mipad runs a GPU with same Kepler architecture of our desktop GPU, if you do desktop CUDA development using Nsight Visual Studio editon on windows, that will be easy to port those code to Mipad.

Ok, thx for reply

Hi Xuan,

Do you have any idea when the CUDA cross compiling toolchain will be available for Windows users?


Hi, User Mourad1
Sorry, it’s not in recent plans.