CUDA on Hyper-V WinServer64 2008R2 9800 GTX?

Naive q to save time,…:
Would it be possible to do CUDA dev on a (virtual guest) WinServer64 2008R2 running on Hyper-V on a physical Core2 quad Q9300 WinServer64 2008R2 with a GeForce 9800 GTX - or do I need to install and / or run on the real machine? Would rather mess with the VM!

Nope, you can’t do that – the CUDA driver doesn’t work under Hyper-V (last I checked, anyway). So you’ll need to run on the real OS.

Also of note – with a GeForce, you’ll need to be logged into and sitting at the actual machine unless you want to use VNC. Remote Desktop does some funny things with the graphics drivers, so you’ll need a Tesla to be able to develop on a machine via Remote Desktop.

Hey there, Jack,

thanks a ton for the precise answer and the bunch of accompanying tips!

BTW: From your product (GPU.NET) background, possibly close to sources, you might have an idea when we´re gonna see Unified Virtual Addressing 1.0 (as opposed to what seems 0.1 currently)!? How much of a PITA is the current state for you?

Thanks again!