CUDA on Ion LE Can I use CUDA on netbooks?

I have been using CUDA for some time on my desktop machine (GeForce 9500).
Now I want to buy new netbook; I am thinking about HP mini 311 with nVidia Ion LE.
As I would like to be able to test CUDA code on this netbook, my question is - can nVidia Ion LE run CUDA programs? is rather vague and I am not sure if Ion LE
(not the “Next Generation ION”) is able to run CUDA code.

Thanks in advance

Yes, I am using Mini311, and I can compile and run cuda program on it.

It’s CC 1.1, 256mb(normally you can use 201mb)

OK. Thank you for the information. So I assume that any ION can be used to run CUDA code - differences being capabilities and number of multiprocessors.