CUDA on Mac Pro with GTX 285

Hello all!

I’ve searched for literally days trying to find an answer to this question, but some reason have not found a single one that has fixed my issue.

I have a 2008 Mac Pro, with OS X lion 10.7.5 installed,
24 GB of RAM,
And a new GTX 285.

I had the intentions of using CUDA with adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, but for some reason the option is grayed out. I’ve installed the latest drivers for the card. And I’m under the impression I need to install CUDA itself on my Mac as well to utilize it, but the latest one said it could not be installed on my computer, and when I installed 5.5.20 (the only older version I could find for some reason), it also did not work. My internet where this computer is is not the best, so searching takes a long time, and many times does not work. (Right, not the best. It’s actually utterly horrendous.)

Am I missing something? An older version of CUDA perhaps? If someone could link me to a download or something with specific instructions, that would help me out greatly.

Thank you!

Which version of premiere pro are you trying to use?

GTX 285 is approximately a 6 year old graphics card.

It appears that versions of Premiere Pro after 2014 dropped support for GTX 285:

This doesn’t surprise me as CUDA versions after 6.5 have also dropped support for GTX 285. So CUDA 7 and CUDA 7.5 wouldn’t be usable with your GTX 285.

I am well aware how dated this system and it’s components are. I have Premiere Pro CS5. Unfortunately, these are the dated tools I was given to complete my tasks.

What I’m really asking: is there a way to get this to work? Is there a version of CUDA available that I CAN use?

CUDA 6.5 (August, 2014) would have been the last CUDA release to support GTX 285, but it does not officially support OSX 10.7 (supports 10.8, 10.9, 10.10).

The last CUDA toolkit that listed support for OSX 10.7.5 was CUDA 5.5.

I would suggest downloading the CUDA 5.5 pkg installer for OSX 10.7 from here:

Before you begin the install, I would recommend carefully reading and following the instructions in the CUDA 5.5 getting started guide for Mac OS X which you can find a copy of here: