CUDA on Meerkat TegraK1

I’m trying to run CUDA (version 7.5) code on the Meerkat TegraK1 from Avionics Design. I can build deviceQuery for the armv7l, but when I run it I receive the following message:

cudaGetDeviceCount returned 35
-> CUDA version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version.

The Meerkat Tegra comes with Avionics Design’s version of Enlightenment installed. Notably missing (AFAIK) are package management, web browsing, git, and nvidia drivers. Thus:
nvidia-smi #unknown
/proc/drivers/nvidia #absent
Consequently, I do not know what, if any CUDA runtime version is available.

I’m considering the following approaches, and would be grateful for advice (or suggestions of other approaches).
(1) Install Ubuntu 14-04, following the instructions in the thread linked below.
(2) Find a way to install/upgrade the CUDA driver version.
(3) Roll back my build to whichever version of CUDA is supported.
(4) Something I don’t know to ask about???

The Enlightenment build seems to work well, so my preference would be to add functionality (option 2).

Ubuntu Flash:
Meerkat TegraK1:
Build root for Enlightenment on Meerkat:

Only CUDA 6.5 is supported on Tegra TK1.
The driver used for TK1 is built in the kernel, you can’t upgrade it in the usual way.

There should be a file called /etc/nv_tegra_release. The first line will tell the L4T version.

R21 (release), REVISION: 4.0

R21.4 is the latest one and supports 6.5, if you have a 19.x it will support only CUDA 6.0

Thank you mfatica - I’ve verified that I’m on R21 revision 3.0.

As you said, the latest L4T supported by Avionic Design is 21.4 (see below - and I should update ;-).

However, it seems that JetPack provides CUDA 7 support - does this mean that in your opinion the best approach is try to install the kernel & OS as described in the Ubuntu Flash discussion (above)? Or… am I stuck on 6.5 with this hardware?

Avionics Design L4T:

With the Jetson TK1, you are stuck on Cuda 6.5.