CUDA on non-display secondary adapter GPU ... using another brand GPU as display adapter


I’m facing a pretty stupid problem (in my opinion). I have not found anything satisfying with my google/forums searchs, so i am directly asking for help here.

I have a computer with a Sandy Bridge Intel HD Graphics i would like to use for the display and a discrete Nvidia GPU i would like to use for CUDA/OpenCL computations.
I am using Windows 7.

Here’s the problem: if the Intel GPU has the display, the Nvidia driver is not launched and neither CUDA nor OpenCL can detect the Nvidia GPU.

Is there anyone who has encountered this problem, even with an ATI board as display adapter ?
Is there any solution to manually force the driver to load and “bind” with a GPU that is not on the display ?

At the moment, i have not ran any tests to check if with screens (one attached to each GPU), the driver is correctly loaded and CUDA/OpenCL work, but i am confident with this. So, is the only solution is to have a display attached to the Nvidia GPU ?

Thank you in advance for any tips.

Shoulln’t this work?