CUDA on NVIDIA GeForce 9400M


I was wondering if CUDA is supported on the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M of the entry level Mac Book?
If so, what is the Compute Capability Level?

It is supported. The GPU (like Ion and all the other MCP79 based parts) is Compute 1.1. It also supports copy free memory access.

I just installed it on my Mac Mini Early 2009 model. Seems to work fine.

I havn’t run through a large enough set of blocks to see what the performance is

like yet. Can anyone report what i should expect to see for Mkeys/s

with this card?

Dosn’t know for Mkey/s, but you could expect up to 40Gflops from your IGP Geforce9400M and it’s really an incredible performance-level given your CPU may top at 20 Gflops/s!