CUDA on Quadro FX 1600M Especially Dell Precision M6300

I’d like to do some CUDA development on a notebook and my shop buys Dell Precision notebooks.

I understand from other posts here that nVidia works with notebook vendors such as Dell to develop customized drivers for the vendor’s specific configuration so while I am interested in any experience with Quadro FX 1600M and CUDA I’m most interested in any experience with the Dell Precision M6300 notebook.

Has anyone tried using CUDA on the Dell Precision M6300 which is currently offered with Quadro FX 1600M graphics?

I’ve cross-posted to the Dell forum to see if I can get a bite there and while I’ve already read the Geforce 8M experiences thread on this forum it is unclear to me if the Dell driver will even let me get that far. Note that the version number quoted in the Dell driver download for this notebook is “156.19”.

Dell Forum post
Geforce 8M Experiences
Dell Driver Download for Precision M6300 with Quadro FX 1600M

If anyone has updated information about using CUDA on Dell Precision M6300 I would appreciate your help.

Last week I received a Dell Precision M6300 loaded with the nVidia Quadro FX 3600M for use at work. Since my last posting Dell’s mobile graphics offering has grown to include this processor that is currently the most capable “mobile” chip in nVidia’s lineup.

The system was loaded by our IT group with driver version 167.57 (as reported by GPU-Z), this appears to be the current driver supplied by Dell. I’m not up to speed on driver version numbering but at least one source indicates that the 167.* series is from the mobile development branch. I will be attempting to run some CUDA samples written for desktop GPUs at our company and I will provide results when I am done.

GPU-Z indicates that this is a “G92 M” GPU core for any that are interested, I was not able to find this information anywhere else. Some additional information on the laptop is available, I will try to put more up as my time allows.

Update: I cross-posted this update to both of the nVidia forum and Dell support forum.

Since my last posting Dell released new drivers for the Precision M6300 using the nVidia Quadro FX 3600M (R189274.exe). With these drivers installed my CUDA application detects one CUDA-capable GPU.

GPU-Z reports that this new driver is based on ForceWare 175.75.