CUDA on Windows 7: Parallel Nsight Parallel Nsight for debugging NOT Working

Hello Guys,

I am finding difficulty in debugging CUDA code. I have Lenovo W520 (ThinkPad) Laptop running on Windows 7 and Cuda package 4.0/ Parallel Nsight 2.0 are installed.

I have my cuda program up but when I start the Nsight debugging it connects and then disconnects immediately. Could you please help me get around this issue?

There was another post on which did not solve the whole issue.

Please find the complete details on my GPU device in my system (deviceQuery.txt) and screenshot (Debugger_Disconnected.jpg)


DeviceQuery.txt (2.33 KB)

you could check the steps i had to do in order to get nsight running on my (Optimus) laptop: