CUDA on Windows Server 2003 with GTX-280


Are the drivers for Windows Server 2003 available? According to posting CUDA 2.2 works for Windows Server 2003. But, is it limited to certain cards only (Tesla C1060 and S1070) ? What about support for GTX-280 (which we have here)?

Secondly, if the drivers do work, What OS do I select in the download web page?
I’m guessing its Windows XP, because Windows server 2003 has the same base NT Version.

Background to why I’m posting this question:-
We have just one CUDA-enabled machine, which runs Windows XP( with all drivers installed, up and running properly). Since XP doesn’t allow multiple logins (with Remote Desktop Connection, from hostels of students who wanted to execute code remotely), we wanted to shift to Windows Server…
Does anybody have a better idea? Linux shift is also an option…


CUDA doesn’t run via Remote Desktop, because RD prevents remote users from accessing the graphics driver.

Ok. I didn’t know that. So, do you know of any other alternative to my problem here? (Shift to linux?)


VNC is the traditional answer but I think it only works for a single user. Linux would work as well.

I installed Cygwin on my XP machine and set up the sshd server on it. Now multiple people can use the machine with ssh sessions. Works great.