CUDA on Windows7

Hello All, I installed CUDA 2.3, 64 bit version on Windows 7 ( 64 bit). Wrote a program but getting troubles with linker errors. It would be great if a new sub-section on CUDA on Windows 7 is created, like rest of the OS.

The path to the library is probably wrong. Do you link to cudart.lib? (You have to link all libraries you use)

Vista and Windows 7 are quite similar, so there is no special need for an extra forum.

Searching the forum would give you the answer.

It works. I develop 64 bit CUDA applications under Windows 7/64 . Previous to October I was developing under XP/64 and I made the migration with minimal problems. As another mentioned here, it is either probably a wrong library path, or the wrong libraries being linked in.

Ken Chaffin