CUDA on WSL2 with Tesla A100

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to run CUDA on WSL2 with the Tesla A100 cards. I tried the latest Tesla driver as well as the latest Quadro preview driver, but was not able to get it running.

Thanks for your help,


Same issue here but with the Tesla T4 card. I saw this post here and gave it a shot, but I still ran into different errors. Not sure if you tried this yet but if you could get it to work, let me know how!

As some time went by I just gave it another try, but it seems like there is no Quadro or GeForce equivalent for the A100. Therefor it seems like there is no appropriate driver perform it like in the post you mentioned.

Checking to see if anyone made this work. I’d like to run A100 in WSL2 on a Windows Server environment for running containerized AI workloads. However WSL2 doesn’t support CUDA on TCC drivers which is the only mode A100 runs in. Any workarounds to this?