CUDA/OpenCL on Windows 7

I just installed the latest drivers,CUDA and GPU SDK (4.0). My platform is Windows 7 (64-bits).
I am able to run most of the demo programs but having a hard time compiling even simple cases.
One problem is that the “Getting Started” pdf file is referring to directories that don’t exist
(very disappointing) so right of the bat I’m on my own debugging where things are. My questions are

(1)Does CUDA support Windows 7 64 bit?
(2)Is there a more up to date “Getting Started” document for Windows 7?
(3)The whole MS Visual C Express thing is very confusing. Should
I use 2011, 2008, or 2005? I tried all three an they all failed.
(4)Am I stuck using MS Visual C? Can you develop code with MinGW?
(5)The whole GPU computing environment is fragmented and not very coherent,
NVIDIA is a big company I’m sure they can streamline the process