CUDA OpenGL interop w/ subwindows lock X w/ subwindow mouse callback

My programs display is a large window with three subwindows (glut).
Each subwindow has it’s own data to display.
I have a timer callback function which I am using to run an animation in one of the subwindows (which involves cuda calls w/ mapping of ogl vbo).
If the animation is running and I perform a mouse operation over one of the other subwindows, the screen freezes (though audio and mouse motion remain functional).

The screen freeze does not occur if I comment out the cuda calls (memory mapping and kernels).

Anyone else having this problem? Right now I am just limiting mouse motion during animation to prevent this problem, but it is a suboptimal solution.

Here is my hardware config:
Phenom 9950
3x 280GTX
Cosmo-S w/ 1200w Thermaltake

Do you have a separate OpenGL context for each sub-window? Are they sharing lists?

Can you post the code that reproduces the problem?

Attached is a document with a basic idea of what the functions are that are causing the problem. I have left out a lot of stuff which is not pertinent, including variable declarations etc. Thanks for your help.

code.rtf (4.81 KB)