CUDA pkg-config issues


1) I am trying to integrate ArrayFire with/on CUDA into an Qt project using the PKGCONFIG (pkg-config) qmake option.
Everything works well except that ArrayFire for CUDA requires the nvvm lib, which is not available through pkg-config.

Is this a bug or oversight, if so where can one file it as a bug?

For now the following works:
CUDA_PATH = $$system(pkg-config --variable=cudaroot cuda-6.5)
LIBS += -L$$CUDA_PATH/nvvm/lib64 -lnvvm

2) Wouldn’t it make more sense to have only cuda.pc files instead of cuda-X.Y.pc files and then use the --modversion flag to check for version compatibilities? With the version in the name it can be difficult to build code that supports newer versions of CUDA.