CUDA Pro Tip: Improve NVIDIA Visual Profiler Loading of Large Profiles

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Some applications launch many tiny kernels, making them prone to very large (100s of megabytes or larger) nvprof timeline dumps, even for application runs of only a handful of seconds. Such nvprof files may fail to even load when you try to import them into the NVIDIA Visual Profiler (NVVP). One symptom of this problem…

thanks cliff. i had this issue with a large profile recently. your post is just in time for me

On at least some platforms, these options can also be triggered via the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable . This is in particular useful where you don't have root privileges.

For example, for 200gb memory, in a bash shell, you would use:

$ export JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=" -Xmx200g"

Or alternatively, set a temporary environment variable:

$ nvvp JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=" -Xmx200g"

I installed the most recent version of Cuda Toolkit on Mac. There is no nvvp.ini file in /Developer/NVIDIA/CUDA-10.0/libnvvp. Is that where it's supposed to be?

Hi, Jacob:

I suggest you take your issue to the NVIDIA developer forums at