cuda processing issue

Hi, everyone, I am new in jetson and need helps to solve the issue below.
I set up my host computer and jetson tx2 connecting micro usb cable and start a project diplaying “Hello World”.
The “buid” and “run” processes had no error, however the cuda code was not processed.<- “Hello World from GPU!” was not displayed in the source code in the end of this message.
With the debug mode, I found the following message displayed, please tell me how should I do next.
"Can’t find a source file at “/tmp/tmpxft_0000137c_00000000-5_HelloCUDA.cudafe1.stub.c”
“Locate the file or edit the source lookup path to include its location.”

The source code and the settings are as follows.

#include <stdio.h>
global void helloFromGPU (void)
printf(“Hello World from GPU!\n”);
int main(void)
//hello from CPU
printf(“Hello World from CPU!\n”);
helloFromGPU <<<1, 5>>>();
return 0;

The host: ubuntu 16.04
jetpack 3.3
cuda 9.0
Nsight eclipse edition ver9.0
local: jetson tx2
ubuntu 16.04

Thank you for your help.


Could you share how do you compile and run the application?
Do you use Nsight?


AastaLL, Thank you for your reply.

I just follow the procedure below.

Could you provide me with my racking settings or something.

Thank you

I could solve this issue, thanks.
The cause of it was imcompleted install of Jetpack that I skipped “Flash OS Image to Target”.
In the case of completion of the install, jetson could be fine.