cuda_profile.log not generated

I could not generate the cuda_profile.log file.

*) The system env.var. CUDA_PROFILE was set to 1
*) I am calling Kernels from an exe which loads a dll and this dll loads a 2nd dll with “cuda kernel” functions

EXE -> 1st. DLL -> 2nd. DLL (inc. kernel func.)
Result: NO cuda_profile.log

*)2nd Testcase:
EXE loads direct 2nd DLL (inc. kernel func.)
Result: cuda_profile.log was created

Is there some dependence I have overlooked?
Should the cude_profile.log with respect to CUDA_PROFILE=1 always be created ?

Any ideas?


Two (fairly obvious) suggestions:

  1. Are you sure you started the EXE after you set the environment variable?

  2. Did you look around in different places because the profiler log is created in the “current directory” by default and that could pretty much anywhere? (Maybe setting the path via the environment variable might help).

– Pramod

Okay, I got the point.

Regarding the doc-file CUDA\doc\CUDA_Profiler_1.1.txt:

So I was thinking this env.var. should be set to a path (in the

sense of pointing to a directory without filename),

and cuda_profile.log is created within this directory.

Okay, now I changed it to a “dir+filename” and it worked fine.