CUDA Profiler not showing counter columns Following CUDA exercises

I am following CUDA exercises and was able to create two version of reverseArray. One that use shared memory and one that doesn’t.

When I run CUDA Visual Profiler on the compiled exe (in release mode), I only see the GPU Time, CPU Time and Occupancy columns for these sessions. I did select the counters under Session Configuration and the profiler does run my exe 3 times. However, no counter is reported (gld coalesce, gld uncoalesce …)

Am I missing something?

if you read the output in the window of the profiler you will probably see something like:
hiding column xxxx with zeros.

So if there are no uncoalesced accesses, you will not see the column.

The same problem. Vista 32.
Output window didn’t contain text like:
hiding column xxxx with zeros.