CUDA profiling through Matlab in Linux

I’ve compiled a CUDA library and then linked it to a Matlab mex wrapper, such that I can call the CUDA functions from Matlab. I want to profile the code and have managed to setup the profiler to start Matlab and a specific script. However, I always get the warning “No CUDA application profiled”, even if I have cudaDeviceReset at the end of the code. I can’t find any information about profiling through other programs. I guess that the problem can be that the profiler only can handle the main process, but not child processes?

You need to set visual profiler to run matlab with “-nojvm” and so that it starts your m-file which in turn calls your MEX-file.

I can check my notes on exactly this is done…

The Matlab script runs in Nvidia profiler but I still get “No CUDA application profiled”, even with -novjm.

I believe there is also a “-wait” command you can add. Also make sure you added and “exit” to the end of your m-file.

Still no luck.