CUDA program crashing video card

I am very new to CUDA. I am trying to write a program that draws a mandelbrot fractal. When I set the resolution of the image to 2250x2250 pixels, my monitor goes black and when it turns back on I get a little message telling me that the video card has crashed. When I set the resolution to 2000x2000 pixels this does not happen.

int main(void)


        //Set various parameters of the image

	float lowx = -2, lowy = -2, highx = 2, highy = 2; //bounds on image location in xy-plane

	unsigned int xres = 2000, yres = 2000;            //resolution of image

//This line comes from the Julia set example in Ch. 4 of CUDA by example by Sanders and Kandrot

	dim3 grid(yres,xres);


        //Allocate memory

	char *bmp = (char *)calloc(xres*yres,sizeof(char));

	char *bmpDev;

	cudaMalloc((void**)&bmpDev, xres*yres*sizeof(char));

//Call drawing function


//Save image


	printBMPbw(bmp, xres, yres);

//Deallocate memory




The above is the function that defines the various parameters of the image and calls the drawing function (evalPoint). Is the grid too big, and if so how do I get around this issue?

Also, when I call nvcc in the cmd window, I also have to type -ccbin “Path to cl.exe” with it. Is there any way around this issue?

Your kernel probably takes too long to execute, so that the watchdog timer triggers. This is meant as a last line of defense against your computer becoming unusable because the screen in not updated while a CUDA kernel runs.

Divide the work between multiple kernel invocations to avoid this.