cuda project in visual c++ express (2008 vs 2010)

The latest cuda release supports visual studio 2010, but I’m not sure if I set my project right. In vs 2010 I just set the build customizations CUDA 4.0(.targets, .props) and additional dependencies(cudart.lib) for a simple vector addition program. I also set cu file item type - CUDA C/C++. That’s all and it works. Vs 2008 doesn’t use files from BuildCustomizations folder so I need to copy rule files to VCProjectDefaults folder and then set custom build rules instead of build customizations. In vs 2008 I also should set additional library directories and VC++ directories (include , executable and library files) manually. Settings for additional dependencies and item type are the same.

  1. I assume that when using vs 2010 I don’t need to copy rule files to VCProjectDefaults folder (Visual C++ 2010 Express) !?
  2. VC++ Directories are reorganized in vs 2010, should I set them like a VC++ directories from vs 2008 or build customizations take care about this?