CUDA rule for VisualStudio 2005

First of all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

I wonder if there is a CUDA rules for VS2005.
I mean, when I see a .cu file all is in the same color (black). If it is possible I prefer to work coding with different colors, it is useful to detect some mistakes in the code.

Thanks in advance,

There’s an unofficial project template available in the Windows XP forum. There is also supposed to be better integration available for Visual Studio 2008 when CUDA 2.1 is released.

As of custom build rules - look at this thread:

Also, I’v attached the custom build rule (modified and a bit fixed rule from the thread mentioned above) that I’m actually using.

As of syntax highlighting - look into the \doc\syntax_highlighting directory. (1.56 KB)

Thank you very much