CUDA Sample Error: Operation Not Supported

Good Afternoon,

After a fresh install onto the PX2 with the Linux SDK, there seems to be an issue when using CUDA. The simpleGLES sample compiles, but when running it gives the following error:

simpleGLES (VBO) starting...

nvrm_gpu: Bug 200215060 workaround enabled.
Using OpenGL ES APIVersion: OpenGL ES 3.2 NVIDIA 390.00
Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Renderer: NVIDIA Tegra X2 (nvgpu)/integrated
Line 451: CUDA Error: operation not supported

When running through cuda-gdb, it shows that the problematic function is cudaGraphicsGLRegisterBuffer. Is this function actually unsupported on the PX2? If so, what workarounds exist to achieve similar functionality?


OpenGL is not supported on Tegra + dGPU. Many samples have been changed to choose iGPU over dGPU. But it appears that simpleGLES is not one of them.

You can run simpleGLES on iGPU with this command:


[Problem solved, it wasn’t related to this problem]

@kathy_nv I am getting the same bug, I am using a very simple use case(with int8 precision on d-GPU)as described here,

nvrm_gpu: Bug 200215060 workaround enabled.

@dhingratul, i am also getting the same bug, can you tell me whether the bug is resolved for you, if yes please help me out