CUDA Sample - Windows 10 - Visual Studio Solution - fail - 1650 GTX


I see in the install guide that TCC mode is not supported on GeForce (except Titan), I have a Geforce GTX1650. The spec says it has 800 cuda cores and I’ve run the VC sln for adding the 2 arrays of 5 numbers and this worked fine. However now I’m trying the samples in the Cuda folder and it says it cant change to prohibited mode. Is the prohibited mode the only way to use the cards Cuda cores ? Or does this mean I can use my 1650 for Cuda but only in WDM mode - not prohibited ?

Hw :

Geforce GTX 1650
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
64 G DDR4

I am running

Windows 10
Visual Studio Community 2019 16.4.0
CUDA 10.2
CuDNN 64.7.

I have a problem running the sample CUDA solution in :


I get the message :

Compute mode prohibited not supported. You might be running on
windows in WDDM driver model or on non-CUDA capable GPU.

I have already run the sample project with CUDA in visual Studio and that worked (adding 2 arrays in parallel).



Other problems I worked around :

  1. First the 10.2 CUDA failed to install - hangs on Visual Studio plugin installation. Got round that by unselecting it, and then run installer again with it selected again.

  2. The samples have a bad path in the project …/include needs to be …/…/include (change the Additional Include Directories for the project)