CUDA samples not working on the GRID M10-2Q (CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE), but the D3D11 samples work

We are running several virtual machines, each of them report in the NVIDIA Control Panel that they are a “GRID M10-2Q”.

I have been unable to run the AppEncCuda samples from the Codec SDK on this virtual machine. It gives an error “CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE” when run.

However, the AppEncD3D11 sample works just fine.

The installed Driver Version is 431.79. The CUDA samples work fine on my development machine, which is running a Quadro M2000M.

Is there a way to fix this and get the machine to run the CUDA samples?

Some additional information:

For some reason, the 3D settings panel in the VM does not give any CUDA-related options (but I do have those options on my local machine).

When I look at “system info”, it lists 624 available CUDA cores. Under “components”, I can see “NVCUDA.DLL”, which reports itself as “NVIDIA CUDA 10.1.120 Driver”.