cuda sdk 1.1 for linux " too old " ?

hello - today I re-installed cuda sdk 1.1 for linux ( with pearlinux 7.0 ) and it is running proper
with a graphics-banquet for the eyes.

Is sdk 1.1 too old ??? where is 2.2 for linux ? or is there a higher version ? -thx for reply.

(this question is now obsolete ! )

I now have seen on that SDK 2.2 is out now for Apple
and SDK 1.1 for CUDA on Linux is the newest version at present.

So SDK 1.1 is working best at moment for example with pearOS 7.0 (ubuntu 12.10)
and kernel 3.9.0 on intel-core-i-7 with sandybridge and Geforce 540M CUDA Optimus

Where are you seeing these version numbers? The most recent CUDA version is 5.0: