CUDA SDK examples freeze (ubuntu 11.10 64bit)


I just installed unbuntu 11.10 with a 580gtx. I’m having some slight problems where cuda code will run fine for the most part. But, any sort of examples in the cuda SDK that utilize some form of imaging will freeze. For instance the fluidsGL will freeze. Similar things happen with examples from Jacket through matlab as well.

Specs are:
ubuntu 11.10 64bit
580 GTX gpu
CUDA 4.1
285.05.33 Drivers

Pretty much followed the instructions from here:

Cuda works fine with any sort of matrix multiplications or any sort of calculations (from what I’ve tested so far). I recall that I had to install opengl 32 bit drivers. Maybe opengl is messing up? Thanks,


Hi Jucestain,

I took a look at the instructions that you posted and they look pretty solid. Although, I must admit that at AccelerEyes we’ve never had to deal with the OpenGL library issues the write-up seeks to squash.

It’s just a long shot, but you could try disabling desktop effects if you have them turned on. I have seen some spooky behavior from the GPU due to that.