CUDA SDK Samples Delay Why is there a delay when I close the window?

Hi all,

I ran some CUDA SDK code examples from the NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK that use OpenGL to render (e.g. simpleGL, smokeParticles, fluidsGL). When I exit the application - namely, by clicking the window’s close icon - there is a delay between my mouse click and the window closing. The delay varies for each application. For instance, marchingCubes and smokeParticles have the longest delays. simpleGL has varying delay, and fluidsGL has almost no delay. My mouse is also unresponsive between click time and closing time. Why does this delay occur?

I’m asking because an application I’m writing also has a similar problem, but the delay is even greater.

Thanks in advance,

Update: I also found that the applications seem to quit instantaneously when I press escape; there’s no delay.