CUDA set-up time

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Am new on GPU, I did try small program which adds two 256 x 256 matrices. The results was correct; however, the time using CUDA FORTRAN was much larger than the serial version. I was wondering what is the time required to set-up each kernal? I was thinking that the amount of computing not much to be paralleled using GPU.

Also, do u recommend a book or article talking about behind the scene of GPU?

P.S.: I used 256 blocks each block has 256 threads (i.e. <<<256,256>>>, also I tried to use DIM3 with various but it all yield slower than serial.

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How did you initialize the matrices and how do you measure the time?
CUDA programming guide and CUDA by example. The time to call a kernel 1/1000000 s.

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I didn’t initialize them, for the time I did use CALL SYSTEM_CLOCK([COUNT, COUNT_RATE, COUNT_MAX]) function for the serial before and after the loop and for the CUDA before and after the kernal call. So the time to set-up kernal (including threads) is 1/1000000 s?

In CUDA C when you have a line calling a cuda function kernel<<<blocks,threads>>>(…) it takes 1 microsecond. I do not know the CUDA Fortran functions for measuring the time, but in CUDA C you have to use some specific functions. I suggest you put the code here since it is just simple.

The sum of 2 arrays 1 time is not really enough for speed-up tests. It is good for programming, but the copying of data from cpu to gpu would be comparable to the the execution time.